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Athlete Profile:  Jonnai Mauch


Anniversary Date:
January 1, 2009 Birth Date: June 10, 1975

Favorite CrossFit WOD:
the one with running and sit-ups….(that would be running Annie!)

Favorite CrossFit Moment:
completing the Warrior Dash

I aspire to do………. my best at all times

CrossFit Michiana image

Jonnai preparing for the Warrior Dash June 2011

CrossFit Michiana image

Jonnai getting close to the end of the warrior dash - the only two things she had left to do was jump over fire and crawl through knee high mud under barbed wire!!!

Athlete Profile:  Karl Vogel


Anniversary Date
: January of 2010 Birth Date: August 28, 1968

Favorite CrossFit WOD:
I like them ALL!!

Favorite CrossFit Moment:
When I saw my body really start to change.

I aspire to………. compete and complete an Ironman Triathlon

CrossFit Michiana image

Karl with his "Game Face" ready to GET SOME!!!

CrossFit Michiana image

Karl box jumping in the CFM Games Fit For Life Challenge 2

Athlete Profile:  Lindsey Bennett

ATHLETE PROFILE: Lindsey Bennett

Anniversary Date:
Birth Date: October 7, 1989

Favorite CrossFit WOD:
my girl, Annie

Favorite CrossFit Moment:
Realizing how much CrossFit can not only help me physically, but also mentally. Mentally; it has helped me through my studies as an undergrad (good stress reliever), and physically; it has helped push me through athletics, like rugby, CrossFit is a completely different level of fitness.

I aspire to be……
a person full of knowledge of what is it to be healthy and assist others is practicing those qualities.

I aspire to do……
what Carole tells me to do.

I aspire to……….
become a chiropractor in order to fully assist in preventative care, to help athletes, and the general population to become and stay active and healthy. To, also, become a better CrossFit athlete, by giving it my all in the WODs, and attending classes.

CrossFit Michiana image
Lindsey in Barbells for Boobs 2011
CrossFit Michiana image
Lindsey preparing for Warrior Dash in June 2011

Athlete Profile:  Jena Lees


Anniversary Date:
September 18, 2011 Birth Date: April 1, 1972

Favorite CrossFit WOD:

Favorite CrossFit Moment: To me there is no greater challenge then trying something new and trying to better then you did before.

I aspire to ………. do better than third in my next figure comp and show those 20 year old that us old ladies still have what it take to compete against them!!

CrossFit Michiana image

Jena holding her squat during the CFM Games Fit For Life Challenge 2

CrossFit Michiana image

Jena competing against Cathy and Lindsey in their handstand hold for the CFM Games Fit For Life Challenge 2

Athlete Profile:  Deb Riegsecker


Anniversary Date: June 1, 2010 Birth Date: September 28, 1965

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Wow—not sure I have a favorite, I love/hate so many of them, but one that sticks out as a lot of fun was the 12 days of Christmas.

Favorite CrossFit Moment:
There are so many favorite’s it’s difficult to pick. I think finishing the Warrior Dash was one of my favorite times. I had never run more than 800 meters at a time and almost every obstacle scared the heck out of me. The challenge leading up to it was a blast and brought me closer to my CrossFit family. I truly felt part of a team--actually it’s more than that. It’s more like a family—you know others are there to cheer you on and are truly rooting for you and want you to accomplish your goals. The Dash taught me that I can accomplish more than I ever thought possible. At 45 (I week shy of 46-Yikes) I am in better shape, inside and out, than I was when I was 30 and a size 4. I can face fears (and we know I have a ton of them) and conquer them—this has been possible by the tremendous support of Jim and Carole and the rest of the gym. I am so proud of what I have been able to do and how much I’ve grown. I know my family has changed for the better just because of my involvement at Crossfit—the changes are too numerous to list. I am not the strongest or fastest person in the gym, but I am stronger and faster than I was a year ago and that’s what’s important. Crossfit is a place where others see your potential even when you don’t recognize it.

CrossFit Michiana image
(Pic of Deb jumping in the mud at the end of the Warrior Dash - there is NOTHING like facing your fears to feel accomplished!)

CrossFit Michiana image
(Pic of Debbie's CrossFit Family at the Warrior Dash - of course PRE- mud!)

I aspire to be…an inspiration for my family, especially for my girls, to see what you can accomplish, try new things and face your fears. I also hope they internalize some of my ‘crazy’ eating.

I aspire to….have a 6 pack and fit back into my pre- Hailie jeans

I aspire to do…anything Jim and Carole throw at me without bulking. They haven’t guided me wrong yet and I’ve had tons of fun!

CrossFit Michiana image
(Pic of Deb pulling the tire during a Super Strength Saturday Workout - an example of Deb doing anything we throw at her!)

Athlete Profile:  Nikole LeClair


Anniversary Date: August 23, 2010 Birth Date: April 8, 1980

CrossFit Michiana image
(This is a picture of Nikole in October of 2010 - she had just started with us.)

Favorite CrossFit WOD: There have only been a few I haven't liked; I like them all. As long as they kick my ass and challenge me, the WOD becomes my new favorite.

CrossFit Michiana image
(Within months Nikole took the position of Top Athlete in the Women's Intermediate Division of CFM Games "Fit For Life" Challenge)

Favorite CrossFit Moment: knowing that I will have new friends going to hell with me. I have found a few new friends that enjoy many of my favorite bad habits wink

I aspire to be………. a stay at home mom.

CrossFit Michiana image
(In just a year - Nikole has made many changes at CFM - I know she aspires to be a stay at home mom - but I aspire her to be a representative of CFM at the CrossFit Games in 2012!)

Athlete Profile:  Chet Nunan


Anniversary Date: May 12, 2008 Birth Date: June 29, 1964

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Too many I like...any number of the heroes or girls...anything that totally kicks my ass and I hate it during the middle of it, but then can't wait to do it again and improve my time.

CrossFit Michiana image
(Chet brought a rope to the Free Community WOD for ALL to enjoy!)

Favorite CrossFit Moment: Probably winning the CFM games; though participating in the CF Open Sectionals is up there. Getting a muscle up, dead lifting 435#. All the crazy fun & games at your wedding is another top moment...and of course the Big Ass Karen WOD. I guess it boils down to the competition and community.

CrossFit Michiana image
(Chet accepting his award for the CFM Games "Fit For Life" Challenge)

CrossFit Michiana image
(Chet getting his NOW FAMOUS muscle up!!)

CrossFit Michiana image
(And one of my favorites - Chet climbing the tent pole on our Wedding Day!)

I aspire to………. Attend Grandparents Day at my great grandkids school...and intimidate all the mere grandfathers who are weak and feeble.

Athlete Profile:  Holly Huffman


Anniversary Date: Boot Camp Anniversary Date started 7-19-10; finished 8-13-10- First day at CFM 8-16-10

CrossFit Michiana image
(This is a picture of Holly at our FREE community workout in June of 2010 - I can't believe it's her when you look at her NOW pictures!)

CrossFit Michiana image
(Another pic of Holly - great BEFORE pic at the FREE community workout!)

Birth Date: October 8, 1976

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Anything without burpees wink

CrossFit Michiana image
(Holly carrying the Slosh Pipe during a Saturday training session)

Favorite CrossFit Moment: An aha moment was when I first RX’d on FGB in January 2011… it was then just a matter of realizing I needed to push more in every WOD thereafter to try and RX more often, because I’m stronger then I think. My “most recent” funny story… I seem to be the one who attracts critters while getting ready to practice my back squat – I have had bugs, and the last one was a frog crawling up the wall. It’s an interesting site to see a person with a loaded bar on their shoulders struggling to get away from whatever seems to be “attacking” her. I love CrossFit because I continually push myself beyond my comfort zone, beyond what I “think” I am capable of doing. And when I’m finished – I lie there tingling, covered with sweat, gasping for air and feeling so accomplished because I just totally rocked that WOD. And then you have your days when you think you totally sucked, but then someone says “good job” or gives you a high five because it doesn’t matter if you think you didn’t do good… it mattered because you didn’t quit, you still gave it what you had and they acknowledged it. I also love CrossFit because it is unlike anything I have ever done before, it is not your mother’s workout… but it totally could be. Everyone here is an equal, and everyone here has the same goal – we support each other in what we want to accomplish together and help any way we can to make that happen.

I aspire to be……a great example to my children. Strong is beautiful, empowering, and confident – what an opportunity to live that way with my children so that as they grow up they will have those same values and hopefully not the same fears I had that always seem to hold me back.

I aspire to………. Have a six pack some day, I’d even settle for a four pack.

CrossFit Michiana image
(One of my favorite pics of all time - Holly pulling the tire during a Saturday training session.)

Athlete Profile:  Karin Warner


Anniversary Date: August 4, 2010 Birth Date: January 30, 1974

Favorite CrossFit WOD: the one with double unders and sit ups... Can't remember name.....Cindy, Annie??? (It’s Annie!)

CrossFit Michiana image
(Karin pushing the car in CFM Games "Fit For Life")

Favorite CrossFit Moment: when I RX'd fight gone bad.

I aspire to be……a good example for my kids when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

I aspire to do……a 95# clean and jerk.

I aspire to……….become stronger/ healthier with each passing week!!

CrossFit Michiana image
(Karin getting ready for the Warrior Dash - we dressed as a bridal party and Karin was a bridesmaid.)

Athlete Profile:  Tim Ott


Anniversary Date: March 11, 2011 Birth Date: July 3, 1970

Favorite CrossFit WOD:
My brain says “Fight Gone Bad”. My body says “your Freaking kidding, right?” I love the challenge of this workout, it’s insane!!!

CrossFit Michiana image
(Tim box jumping during Fight Gone Bad)

Favorite CrossFit Moment: I came to Crossfit because my wife asked me to PLEASE come workout with her. I had never joined a gym to workout. I had no idea what I was getting into. I am SO addicted to Crossfit because, of the great friends, the workouts, and the results. I am in the best shape of my life at 41 years old. I can’t imagine doing any other exercise than Crossfit. It has definitely changed my life!!!

CrossFit Michiana image
(Tim with his wife Stacy after the Warrior Dash Challenge)

I aspire to do……Crossfit for life! Nothing will ever compare…

4 Week Nutrition Challenge – May 11, 2009- June 5, 2009

2009 marked our first Nutrition Challenge. Out of 31 participants, 26 followed through to the end of the 4 work challenge. The rules were simple. You must have before and after assessments/measurements done and a willingness to meet with an assigned coach about your nutrition. Keep in mind these results were achieved by nothing more than participating in regular exercise and following basic whole food nutrition principles. Something the coaches at CrossFit Michiana work hard to instill in all of our athletes.

The winners were determined by a vote of all gym members after reading the testimonial wall and seeing the results posted there as well.

Joleen Krause’s Story

Her Story

My husband had begged me for years to join the forces of people that worked out. It was something I just never tried. I didn't need to work out, I felt fine, I ate whatever I wanted and I still fit in a size 10 that wasn't so bad. The average American is a size 10 right!? Well, one day I woke up and that size 10 started getting tighter and tighter. So when he sent me the e-mail advertising Michiana Bootcamp for Women I thought to myself "Well what is four weeks, I'll workout for four weeks, get back into those clothes, and be done with it!" Boy was I wrong!



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