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Suzie Weirick

Suzie's stats:

Married, 2 kids.

Considering a dog.


2 college degrees.

1 CrossFit, Level 1.

Suzie's story:

I started CFM in 2012 on a whim. Best Whim Ever!!

For the first year, I would call my husband every day on the way home from the WOD (Workout Of the Day) and start the conversation "Guess what I did today!" I can now lift weights, do push ups, climb a rope, kip pull-ups, row, do double unders, sprint, skin the cat, squat... I feel like I can now do anything!

Before CrossFit, workouts were always something that had to be done to stay healthy and penance for eating ice cream. I NEVER thought I could have that much fun working out. I never thought I could change and have significant improvement in my athletic ability over 40. I never thought I could feel that much like a kid again. My progress is ever present and it is SO invigorating!

I became a coach because I want to share that excitement. I want to help others set goals and achieve them. I look forward to doing kipping pull-ups when I'm 70. I'd love to be medicine free when I'm 80. And my ultimate goal is to live on my own terms and still get up and down stairs when I'm 101 - like my grandfather. I think everyone should look forward to something like this.

My favorite WOD is Michael. I also really love Murph. It was the first WOD that stinks so much and yet made me so happy! Maybe I'm a bit of a Sadist, but I'm hooked!

Oh, and yes, I love burpees!

I still set personal goals and want to help others do the same.

I have coached kids' sports for years, even before I had my own children. I've started run clubs for adults and kids. I've coached t-ball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer and still coach volleyball. I use all of the CrossFit principles as I'm coaching and it has helped the kids immensely. Their progress is wonderful and they think it's fun that their coach will do handstands and run with them. I look forward to getting experience with CrossFit kids. My goal is to help all interested to learn they can do anything they work at and the importance of a good, healthy foundation.

CrossFit seems like one of those things that you either love or you just don't get (although I do think there are some out their who are just natural haters). If you are of weak heart, you will find excuses. But if you believe you really can do anything, you will. (That's the best lesson my mom ever taught me!) The changes you will experience at CrossFit will turn your life in ways you never imagined possible. But be careful, I'm hoping you get hooked, too!



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